Financial Services

Financial Services


Drive revenue growth and manage risks with advanced analytics solutions from Mosaic. Mosaic not only helps craft a data-driven strategy, but has the mathematical expertise to deliver on the most important business questions financial services organizations struggle with.

Financial institutions have been investing heavily in data collection technologies, and have detailed transactional and consumer-level streams. Collecting this data isn’t enough to provide business changing insights.  Predictive and prescriptive analytics and machine learning algorithms must be applied to these data streams to extract insights and drive value for the customer. That customer may be a small or large business, or a consumer interacting with the website.

Leading Global Bank – Machine Learning for Consumer Lending 

  • Mosaic helped validate outdated consumer lending models and assisted the bank to manage risk with data analytics.
    • The models needed a serious refresh, and the Bank approached Mosaic to bring some fresh ideas.
    • Mosaic helped improve the accuracy of the model by utilizing machine learning methods.
  • The model is able to predict with much more accuracy how likely an individual is to default and the potential losses to the bank.

Leading Vision Insurer – Customer Lifetime Value 

  • Mosaic helped the World’s largest vision insurance service provider with building a customer lifetime value model.
    • We analyzed a range of financial and demographic data to construct member lifetime value to understand product and service preferences.
    • Mosaic also focused the analysis on retention/attrition drivers.
  • The model derived marketing recommendations to enhance customer awareness, revenue capture, and retention.

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