Mosaic provides innovative machine learning, AI and analytics consulting.

Mosaic offers a unique blend of data engineering, statistical analysis, business problem solving, and technical deployment services for businesses in all industries.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Mosaic designs and deploys custom ML solutions to solve the most challenging problems facing businesses today.

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Artificial Intelligence

Mosaic brings a wealth of knowledge on how to tune AI models to deliver the maximum business value.

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Business Analytics

Mosaic leverages technical expertise and experience across a swath of industries, bringing fresh approaches to challenging problems.

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Mosaic provides data science solutions to businesses in all industries, particularly in the sectors showcased below.
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Land | Sea | Air

Mosaic’s roots run over 15 years’ deep in the transportation and logistics industry. We have proven experience solving some of the industry’s most intractable data challenges.



Electricity | Natural Gas | Wind & Solar

Mosaic helps firms across the utility spectrum apply AI and ML to their businesses, helping leaders make smarter decisions.

Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Food & Beverages | Household Goods | Electronics

Mosaic’s data-driven insights help consumer product manufacturers and distributors reinforce their decision-making processes, making substantial impacts on the bottom line.

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Payer | Provider | Pharma

Mosaic unlocks actionable insights for many players within the healthcare ecosystem, creating efficiencies and driving improvements in patient care.



Brick & Mortar | Digital | Warehouse

Mosaic deploys data science tools to all aspects of the retail business, from supply chain to customer segmentation, helping retailers tie the big picture together and plan more effective strategies.



Industrial | OEM | Contract

Mosaic partners with the world's leading manufacturers to provide ROI-driven solutions.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Upstream | Midstream | Downstream

We have succeeded in developing and disseminating new and advanced approaches, tools, and models across large oil & gas firms.

Case Studies

Read about the many exciting ways Mosaic is using cutting-edge data science tools and techniques to help businesses harness their data.

Improving eCommerce Internet Search with AI

Filtering search results is an essential part of any eCommerce website. Can you remember the last time you shopped online without filtering on product attributes such as color, size, brand, etc. Additionally, rich product attributes are critical to Google SEO which drives traffic and website sales.

Detecting Voltage Anomalies

Mosaic developed a data-driven alerting solution powered by unsupervised learning to assist a leading energy utility in detecting voltage anomalies & informing optimal grid health decisions.

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