About Mosaic Data Science

About Mosaic Data Science

Mosaic has a decade of data science consulting experience. As one of the premier boutique data science consulting firms, we are steeped in delivering real world solutions, focusing our efforts on solving business challenges and delivering results, not just doing a fancy scientific study. Mosaic works with our customers in their current situation, assisting them in aggressively moving up and along the advanced analytics maturity curve.

Many of Mosaic’s projects have demonstrated millions of dollars in annual cost reductions. One of Mosaic’s projects even identified an improvement projected to save the domestic commercial air-travel industry several billion dollars per year. Our dedication to achieving customer objectives through innovative techniques and deep mathematical knowledge sets us apart. We have consulted for NASA, the FAA, FedEx, UPS, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AirBnB, Hilton Hotels, PPL, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy,  Citgo, Suncor, Devon Energy, Clorox, Red Bull, REI and many others.

Mosaic, a leader in boutique data science consulting, specializes in helping organizations gain insight from their data, and use those insights to change business processes to bring value. We do this through a blend of statistical analysis, data visualization, AI, machine learning, optimization, and data engineering techniques. Mosaic employs data science consultants who enjoy doing the hard, mathematical work behind the scenes and using these data-driven insights to change the way decisions are made.

Our relationship with a customer often starts with identifying and analyzing a data science opportunity, working with customer stakeholders to develop a business case for pursuing it, and presenting the business case to key decision makers. This can be a Proof of Concept, Rent a Data Scientist, or Analytics Assessment engagement. We often perform the role of Advanced Analytics team for our customers, or can work with an existing Analytics team depending on the need. Our consultants bring cutting edge methods from statistics, operations research, machine learning, artificial intelligence, decision science, cognitive science, software engineering, business intelligence, human factors, and organizational behavior to produce the most appropriate model or suite of models to bring value, not just a pretty chart.

When we deploy models into a production decision-support or decision-automation system, we follow the customer’s design and development methodology (agile/lean, waterfall, hybrid, etc.) and include quality testing at every level, to ensure the most reliable and scalable solution possible. We collaborate with customer executives and staff at all times to make sure we bring business value.

Mosaic, a leading data engineering, analytics, and boutique data science consulting firm, uses only in-house consultants for our projects. We do not outsource our work, but hire extremely talented and seasoned data scientists who are comfortable across the full range of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence disciplines.

Mosaic’s headquarters are located near Washington D.C. We have consultants across the United States and in Canada.