Business analytics consulting is crucial to derive more than pretty graphs from ML and AI. At Mosaic, it is built into our DNA. While it’s fun to build ML and AI algorithms, we understand that all the effort is moot if you can’t convince stakeholders to change the way decisions are made.


Mosaic’s business analytics solutions are useful, relevant, and practical. Our job is to connect the dots between analytics results and their potential to  change the way you do business.


Mosaic’s business analytics recommendations are developed using careful cross-validation methodologies. Before you see them, our internal QA team has vetted our solutions, asking us the tough questions to ensure our solutions are solid.


Since our founding, we have learned that long-term relationships are mutually beneficial. Mosaic is dedicated to delivering excellent results and attentive customer service so that you’ll want to keep in touch well beyond our first engagement.

Business Analytics Process Chart

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Mosaic has helped businesses in all major industries adopt an analytics strategy with a foundation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In fact, Mosaic’s parent company, Mosaic ATM, has been providing analytics solutions to air traffic controllers and aviation researchers in the public and private sectors since 2004. Creating solutions that can be implemented in the real world is the cornerstone of Mosaic’s company culture.

Our business analytics consulting experience has touched traditional problems, such as revamping hotel room demand forecasting, to more complex challenges, such as developing a custom reverse-image search capability, and everything in-between. 

Mosaic’s dedication to achieving customer objectives by fusing together innovative analytics techniques, deep mathematical knowledge, and business decisions sets us apart. We have consulted for NASA, the FAA, FedEx, UPS, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AirBnB, Hilton Hotels, PPL, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy,  Citgo, Suncor, Devon Energy, Clorox, Red Bull, REI and many other firms across a spectrum of industries. Mosaic is proud of the data science consulting services we have provided to these and other clients through our strong team of data science professionals. We do not outsource our business analytics consulting work, but rather hire and retain extremely talented, seasoned data scientists who are comfortable across the full range of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence disciplines.