Consumer Products Machine Learning & AI Solutions

AI powering business operations in real-time with data

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking the consumer products world by storm and will continue to do so. Companies can benefit by achieving higher sales, reducing manufacturing costs, transforming the supply chain, and improving the brand.

Mosaic is well suited to partner with any CPG company to make these solutions work for you and your business. Mosaic has deep expertise in advanced customer and marketing analytics, third-party modeling data expertise, breadth of expertise in machine learning model development and deployment, and project experience with some of the globe’s leading CPG firms.

Mosaic has developed and deployed advanced customer and market analytics for a variety of customers. This includes customer segmentation, market analysis, customer propensity models, demand forecasting & inventory optimization, cannibalization analysis, pricing & revenue optimization, and recommender models.

Mosaic’s deep knowledge across unsupervised and supervised learning techniques will enable Mosaic to develop innovative and effective approaches to create insights that are both descriptive and predictive.

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