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It is no secret marketers are turning their focus toward understanding the customer experience to better optimize the way they treat their current customer base and add to it. Sales, demographic, price, product, media and social media data all hold valuable insights. Unlocking these insights takes a data scientist who is skilled at approaching these challenges combining fresh approaches with useful historical methods, and a strong analytical background.

As more and more companies turn to data driven decision models, those who don’t adopt will be left in the dust. The days of, “I know everything there is to know about this customer,” are gone. Too much data across too many venues. Predictive customer analytics can not only significantly give your company a competitive advantage, but can also unlock new revenue streams, and combat inefficiency.


  • Predictive real-time customer offer analysis / modeling
  • Predictive buying behavior analysis / modeling
  • Segmentation analytics
  • Social media analysis
  • Geospatial analysis / modeling
  • Weather impact on customer behavior  
  • Quality of experience analysis / modeling
  • Predicting lifetime value
  • Churn modeling / analysis
  • Lead scoring
  • Third party data enrichment modeling
  • Cross media effectiveness   


  • Recommendation engine development and deployment
  • Campaign analytics
  • Demand forecast optimization
  • Weather impact on demand
  • Predictive analysis to determine best product mix
  • Product profitability analysis / modeling  

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