What Makes our Machine Learning Consulting Unique

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At Mosaic, we learn about your business challenges, listen to your ideas, and brainstorm to design and develop machine learning models that will help you achieve your goals. Mosaic  understands the power of collaboration and employs engaged, professional data scientists who focus on your objectives while leveraging their wide range of prior experience to deliver ML models you can use to make better business decisions.

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Mosaic’s machine learning consultants have been working with these algorithms for the majority of their careers and are adept at testing multiple supervised and unsupervised approaches efficiently and effectively to winnow down the potential models, converging on the best.

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Mosaic can help you fuse and make sense of ML outputs, enabling you to translate results into actionable business insights. Machine learning models have the potential to transform the way decisions are made at your company, boosting bottom & top line growth.

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Mosaic provides innovative machine learning consulting services to companies interested in integrating these powerful predictive and prescriptive techniques into their business. Machine learning offers firms the ability to identify drivers of certain events, the ability to predict outcomes and a path forward to optimize their decision-making.

Mosaic employs machine learning consultants who enjoy solving complex business problems with data. Our data scientists specialize in the complex math behind predictive analytics and machine learning algorithm development, unlike others, who really just move data around.

Mosaic’s machine learning consulting team  collaborates with business leadership and technical teams to design and deploy custom solutions for specific business challenges. Our machine learning consultants will work with your business to identify the right data scientist, or team, to work with you to deliver analytical resources well-suited to your needs.

When Mosaic deploys models into a client’s existing machine learning system, we follow the client’s design and development methodology (agile/lean, waterfall, hybrid, etc.) and include quality testing at every level, ensuring the most reliable and scalable solution possible. We collaborate closely with customer executives and staff to make sure our work will provide lasting value.

Mosaic is poised to work with you to apply machine learning in your business