Mosaic helps companies design and deploy the most advanced custom AI at scale.

Custom Computer Vision Solutions

Mosaic Data Science is building easily deployed custom AI applications powered by deep learning to automate tasks that normally require human vision.

Mosaic can build you a powerful, custom computer vision solution. Our data scientists are experts at the deep learning development needed to train these machines. Our data engineers can help gather and organize your data. Our software engineers can integrate your computer vision models with products and deploy them in a scalable infrastructure.

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Custom Language & Text Processing Solutions

Mosaic helps our customers find the needle in the unstructured haystack, pulling insights from text, voice, audio, image, and speech to inform operational & strategic decision making across any business unit.

Our unique blend of data engineering, machine/deep learning, business acumen, and custom deployment experience lends itself towards a powerful consultative approach to building solutions that drive powerful results for our clients.