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Mosaic Data Science

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Companies are spending big on big data – are they getting everything they need?

Advancements in data collection and integration technology allow companies to gain access to information previously thought impossible. With this wealth of data comes the need to analyze it in real time so companies can become data-driven decision-makers.

Mosaic Data Science and Software AG have partnered to proved the ability to detect and act on perishable insights

Mosaic Data Science provides deep expertise around advanced mathematical modeling techniques, including predictive analytics and advanced optimization.

Software AG offers the world’s first Digital Business Platform, including Apama streaming analytics and Terracotta in-memory data management, which allows companies to analyze complex event processes and data in fight – while holding massive amounts of data in low-cost memory to provide essential context.

Apply this methodology and technology to volumes of data in real time creates opportunities for powerful optimization that customers from across industries can apply to multiple challenges.

When a business has the ability to apply this technology and methodology to volumes of data, in real time, it results in opportunities for powerful optimization.


Key Benefits

Here are just a few potential benefits of working with Mosaic Data Science and Software AG.

  • Increase revenues and decrease costs – sometimes in the millions of dollars or more
  • Improve the ROI of your advanced technology investments
  • Predict the behavior of machines, customers, employees..pretty much anything
  • Make better decisions by leveraging data and predictions in real time
  • Take full advantage of technologies including complex event processing, in-memory data caching and streaming analytics
  • Move beyond historical BI/reporting to real-time analytics
  • Build data science capabilities and shorten the data science learning curve


The Future of Your Business

Here are a few ways that Mosaic Data Science puts modeling horsepower behind Software AG technologies.

IoT predictive maintenance
Deliver huge ROI with sensor data. Respond proactively with real-time diagnostics and real-time prediction of time-to-failure.

  • Conduct preventive maintenance
  • Reduce risk of unexpected failure and unplanned downtime
  • Minimize downtime of key equipment
  • Fix problems faster

Sales and marketing analytics
Leverage huge volumes of streaming data on customers and prospects to provide extremely customized experiences.

  • Identify customers, purchase behaviors and movement through a store or area
  • Offer customized deals based on customer’s real-time location and historical purchasing behavior
  • Use a customer-response model to tune content and offers

Facial recognition
Use facial recognition in optimizing customer experience, or in safety/security applications.

    • Use for marketing, risk management, customer satisfaction
    • Customers can be identified in real time to quickly customize your employees’ interaction with them


Far Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Software AG’s market leading Apama and Terracotta platforms, layered with the analytical horsepower of Mosaic Data Science, result in powerful solutions with an unparalleled breadth of possibilities.

Streaming analytics
Software AG Apama Streaming Analytics is a market-leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action on fast-moving big data. Combining event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization, this platform is the most complete solution to turn relentless data streams – like those produced by the Internet of Things (IoT) – into meaningful real-time actionable information and optimized decisions.

Big Memory
Software AG’s Terracotta In-Memory Data Management Platform, featuring Terracotta BigMemory, is the first-choice platform for distributed in-memory data management with extremely low, predictable latency at any scale.

Predictive and advanced analytics
Mosaic builds solutions that use real-time and predictive analytics to optimize business decisions.

      • Predictive insights based on historical data trends applied to streaming data
      • Optimization of business processes and decisions
      • Recommendation engines


Mosaic Data Science: Driving success with Software AG solutions

Leveraging the Software AG digital business platforms of Apama for big data streaming analytics and Terracotta for in-memory data management, Mosaic Data Science applies its methodologies to help organizations achieve success faster. Collectively, Software AG and Mosaic Data Science teams of experts provide technology solutions, cost-effective, high-quality consulting, managed services, enablement and e-learning services for organizations of all sizes. These solutions help reduce costs, improve performance and help businesses respond to changing needs with agility.

Mosaic Data Science builds solutions that use real-time and predictive analytics to optimize business decisions. Founded as Mosaic ATM in 2004 and focused on air traffic management, the company expanded its offerings vertically and horizontally to serve its current wide range of customers across industries.

Mosaic Data Science staff offers a high proportion of advanced degrees and a broad range of skills and experience, including statistics, operations research, computer science, systems engineering, physics, aerospace engineering, information technology, cognitive and human factors engineering and more. Mosaic is headquartered in Leesburg, VA with employees scattered throughout the U.S.