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Mosaic and Evans Incorporated are offering a powerful all encompassing advanced analytics assessment to help firms generate actionable insights.

Mosaic brings over a decade of advanced analytics consulting experience and has helped many businesses ascend the analytics maturity curve. Our data scientists apply a unique blend of machine learning, predictive analytics, data engineering, and optimization techniques for businesses across multiple industries.

Evans has nearly 25 years’ experience helping companies elevate their performance through strategic technology investments. For those looking to tap into the power of advanced analytics, our organization innovators design new processes and organization structures, reinforced with a strategic communications plan, specifically geared to support lasting adoption of data-driven decision-making.

Sound familiar? 

  • We are struggling to find success in deploying Data Science in our organization
  • Are your Advanced Analytics efforts not living up to the Big Data hype? How do we develop a Data-Driven Corporate Culture?
  • What is the right organizational structure and  how can I best align organizational strategy for successful Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning in my business?
  • How do I get my people to look beyond simple visualization of data, and get to deep application of Machine Learning to drive key business decisions?
  • Why does adoption of new technology take so much time and often fail to deliver intended results?
  • How do I best structure the data analytics support in the context of the full data management lifecycle?

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Mosaic and Evans are here to help

Our advanced analytics consulting and readiness assessment helps companies of all shapes and sizes be more strategic about their use of predictive and prescriptive analytics. We have performed assessments for companies in Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Professional Services, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, and Energy. Our data science consultants see the same challenges across all groups:

  • How do I make money off my multi-million-dollar data infrastructure investments?
  • What is the correct process for mapping out business cases with the data I have?
  • Which projects are going to be the most profitable?
  • What types of modeling techniques would work best for my road-map?
  • How can I change process and culture to bring value quickly?

Mosaic and Evans come onsite and catalogue your organization’s current data science (DS) and analytics capabilities, process, infrastructure, and opportunities. Primary activities include the following:

  • Benchmarking analytics and data science to provide a common understanding across the business
  • Facilitating a discussion among key stakeholders on objectives and outcomes
  • Interviewing executives and staff to discover and prioritize promising use cases
  • Review of current, relevant internal data
  • Reviewing third-party (big and small) data sets for potential data enrichment
  • Inventorying hardware and software assets available for (or utilized by) DS and analytics
  • Cataloging employee DS and analytics skill sets
  • Advanced analytics consulting provides an objective, third party view of your organization

Deliverables include the following:

  • A readiness and gap analysis (covering technical skills, data assets, process and infrastructure) for major DS and analytics objectives
  • A change readiness assessment to identify and proactively manage behavioral risks associated with harnessing the power of advanced analytics capabilities
  • A prioritized list of use cases based on data availability, analytical difficulty and potential value to the business
  • A roadmap proposing a high-level schedule and strategy
  • Recommendations for developing the organization’s capabilities and aligning culture/work practices to improve effectiveness of various lines of business
  • Review the roles, responsibilities and relationships of resources supporting the data management lifecycle


  • Most assessment’s are completed in 6-8 weeks and cost significantly less than similar offerings from larger organizations.

Here are some quotes from happy customers

“I loved that the class was not so ‘technology focused.’ Our organization is trying to become more ‘problem focused,’ & this was great to help us learn how to evaluate the problem before applying the tools.” – Analytics Executive at Leading Energy Company

“Engagement with every person’s individual interest was provided. Very enlightening and encouraging for data science.” – IT Executive at Leading Engineering Firm

Mosaic and Evans can help you effectively and efficiently ascend the analytics maturity curve!