Analytics Assessment

Why do I need an assessment? 

Do any of the following describe your organization?

  • We are trying to move from a reactive Business Intelligence, descriptive analytics mindset to a proactive, insights-delivering predictive mindset, and we don’t know how to get there.
  • We would like to assess how far down the analytics maturity life-cycle my company is, and need an objective point of view.
  • We believe our organization has the data infrastructure and skill sets in place to start running successful advanced analytics projects, but we are not sure which project should be prioritized.
  • You are leading a large analytics team running successful prescriptive and predictive analysis projects, and you would like a health-check and some fresh approaches.

Mosaic is here to help

Mosaic helps companies of all shapes and sizes be more strategic about their use of predictive and prescriptive analytics. We have performed data science assessments for companies in Retail, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Professional Services, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, and Energy. Our data science consultants see the same challenges across all groups:

  • How do I make money off my multi-million-dollar data infrastructure investments?
  • What is the correct process for mapping out business cases with the data I have?
  • Which projects are going to be the most profitable?
  • What types of modeling techniques would work best for my road-map?

Mosaic comes onsite and reviews your organization’s current data science (DS) and business intelligence (BI) capabilities, infrastructure, and opportunities. Primary activities include the following:

  • Benchmarking analytics and data science to provide a common understanding across the business
  • Facilitating a discussion among key stakeholders of objectives and outcomes
  • Interviewing executives and staff to discover and prioritize promising use cases
  • Review of current, relevant internal data
  • Reviewing third-party (big and small) data sets for potential data enrichment
  • Inventorying hardware and software assets available for (or utilized by) DS and BI
  • Cataloging employee DS and BI skill sets

Deliverables include the following:

Here are some quotes from happy customers

“I loved that the analytics assessment was not so ‘technology focused,’ Our organization is trying to become more ‘problem focused,’ & this was great to help us learn how to evaluate the problem before applying the tools.” – Analytics Executive at Leading Energy Company

“Engagement with every persons individual interest was provided. Very enlightening and encouraging for data science. A great analytics assessment.” – IT Executive at Leading Engineering Firm