Big Data Project

Big Data Project


A big data project implements a noSQL or newSQL data store such as Hadoop or Redis, and populates it with a given set of entity types. Big data projects are usually data science projects or business intelligence projects in disguise, because the purpose of the big data store is to facilitate some sort of data analysis or reporting.


The benefit of a big data project depends on the business purpose for analyzing the data in the big data store. If the data really are “big” (not economical to store in a relational database), one benefit is storing the data at a low cost. Some noSQL or newSQL systems can make certain kinds of analyses easier or faster to perform. Key-values stores and newSQL systems especially can be a way to improve an existing system’s performance or scalability.


We encourage you to consider implementing a big data, noSQL, or newSQL storage system as a possible step in a data science project or business intelligence project. This will help you ensure the project has a favorable business case, by delivering a clearly defined optimization result.

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