Capability Development and Coaching

Capability Development and Coaching


A capability assessment often leads naturally to capability development and coaching. The activities and deliverables in a capability-development engagement depend strongly on the capabilities the organization seeks to develop, and on the business opportunities those capabilities will serve.


Capability development helps you quickly stand up a data science (DS) or business intelligence (BI) function well suited to your organization’s opportunities without ascending what is otherwise a long learning curve by trial and error. The result is you can deliver substantial projects and realize their business cases months or years earlier than would otherwise be possible.


Possible capability-development activities include the following:

  • training in opportunity evaluation
  • organization and engineering-process design
  • candidate evaluation
  • technical mentoring
  • design reviews
  • quality-control reviews and training
  • scientific or technical architecture.

Our white paper “Standing up a Data Science Group” describes the capability-development learning curve in more detail.

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