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Data Science Project

So, you are ready to start utilizing the power of advanced analytics, or you simply do not have the bandwidth to get all things you need to and need a data science partner. Mosaic has supported numerous companies across a wide variety of use cases. Some include:

  • Price elasticity of demand for retailers
  • Demand forecasting of network bandwidth for IT Professionals
  • Demand forecasting for Consumer Goods Organizations
  • Predicting inventory imbalances for Energy companies
  • Forensic data analysis for law firms
  • ICU Saturation Predictions for Hospitals
  • Disease Progression Outcome Management for Healthcare
  • Customer Lifetime Value for Financial Services
  • Network Optimization for Trucking
  • Recommender Engines for Media / Entertainment

Different industries, same challenges

Many organizations are after the same thing, to get value from their data assets and investments. Some are better positioned than others to attack these business challenges. Because we do not limit ourselves to one or two verticals, Mosaic can be bring expertise from one to the other. We might see how a retailer is attacking inventory optimization and bring the same principles and modeling approaches to a hospital’s ICU. The inputs might differ, but the underlying mathematical approaches do not.

Speed to value

Mosaic, a leading AI project consulting firm, is able to ramp up quickly on your business. Our AI consultants can bring value immediately to whatever stage your project is in. Mosaic has engaged with companies on business case development to data mining activities to algorithm selection / model development to data engineering to deployment. We collaborate with you to ensure the best outcomes happen. We are dedicated to delivering valuable insights which actually effect how you make decisions. We won’t do a fancy study just so you can have a nice door stop – we want to help change the way you do business. Positive business impact is the value we bring, and bring more quickly.