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Mosaic offers one of the most cost effective and comprehensive technical advanced analytics training on the market.

We have delivered training for customers in the Energy, Consumer Goods, Professional Services, and Supply Chain industries.

Our training is effective for data science practitioners as well as managers and executives. Our training brings everyone to the same benchmark knowledge level about what is possible with data science. Some people think applying canned software solutions and a team of mathematicians, and results are realized. This, as most acknowledge, is not the case.

Customers frequently tell us they need an advanced analytics training solution steeped in ‘real-world’ data science. Our data science consultants bring hard-core mathematical chops and have applied advanced analytical techniques to actual business challenges. We can go as deep into theory and application as required. With our focus on hiring data scientists with years of work experience, we are able to draw on our deep machine learning and data mining expertise to teach techniques that actually work, not the theoretical techniques which seem to saturate the marketplace and message boards.

We adapt the training to meet your objectives. We incorporate capability development and managerial coaching into our training solution, training the leaders that will help change the culture of analytics at your organization, so they more effectively run a data science team, and not just manage a software development or business analyst function. A true analytics team is able to understand business challenges, the data needed, and utilize the tools at their disposal to deliver insights and recommendations to the business.

If you are looking for training for a team of analytics professionals or executives who manage analytics and who must run successful analytics projects, you have come the right place.