Facial Recognition Solution Accelerator


Facial Recognition Solution Accelerator

The Internet of Things (IoT) is offering companies all sorts of new and exciting abilities to market to their customers. Sensors are collecting all sorts of data on consumers, which can be integrated with footfall data, historical purchasing data, social media data, and video imaging data. Companies who are able to run real-time streaming analytics on this data will take customer service to the next level.  But how do you connect that data to the customer standing in front of you?

In the service, restaurant, retail and hospitality industries, you want to treat your best customers like royalty, and convert all of your customers to be part of your ‘best customer’ list. Individualized treatment that recognizes your customer can set your business apart from the competition. Facial recognition technology can allow your staff to greet customers by name and give them targeted service based on the customer’s likes, dislikes, location and purchasing profile. Even without recognition of a person by name, facial recognition technology can identify gender, approximate age, and sentiment, which can also be used to provide customized offers.

Mosaic Data Science has packaged our powerful algorithms that perform facial recognition, visual tracking, object recognition and sentiment analysis into a solution accelerator to allow your business to understand consumers better. Mosaic is able to aggregate each video image into a data point, running predictive models on these data streams to give your business powerful insights. Some significant examples of the endless realm of possibilities include:

  • Identify a customer when they enter a store and link to their loyalty program profile
  • Generate individualized offers based on purchasing history and preferences – to maximize value
  • Store and recall previous orders based on face detection and recognition
  • Prompt your staff to greet high-value customers by name and provide extra service
  • Detect customer sentiment and provide context-sensitive offers
  • Identify high-ranking customers in a long line to provide one-on-one service
  • Risk management

Facial recognition is a powerful tool when combined with other IoT predictive analytics about customer preferences, product supply and demand, and environmental factors that influence purchasing decisions. Mosaic Data Science provides a comprehensive set of services, including our solution accelerators, to rapidly and efficiently move your ideas into reality. Contact us today to see how we can increase your revenue, reduce your costs, and improve your return on investment.