Mosaic Insights Extractor


Mosaic Insights Extractor

The old adage is ‘data is king’. But how can data be king if you can’t make sense of it? To stay ahead of your competition and provide the best value to your customers you need information – not just data. The Social Web is the best source of data about your customers, but you need to convert the text from the Social Web into actionable information using machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. That’s where Mosaic Data Science’s text-based sentiment analysis and information extraction solution accelerator comes in.

Built-in capabilities of Mosaic’s sentiment analyzer automatically determine if a post, email message, or other text sample is positive or negative. This capability can be used as a first-pass filter to identify customers at-risk of canceling a subscription or moving to a competitor.

Key example applications include:

  • Automatic processing of user feedback submissions
  • Social web comment processing
  • Online market analysis
  • Scientific journal parsing and extraction

For deeper insights, Mosaic’s information extraction features provide tools for you to develop your own custom text-based classifier. For most applications, a simple positive/negative sentiment is not enough to take action. What if the sentiment is positive, but the statements are in reference to a competing product? Mosaic’s information extraction features can recognize and classify posts and other text samples to categorize the data into custom groups and characteristics. This allows you to turn raw text data into the information that you need to advance your business beyond the competition.

Information extraction use cases include:

  • Identification of a referenced product or service
  • Categorization of web pages according to topic
  • Grouping of similar help desk tickets or service records
  • Detection of fraudulent information

There are many sentiment analysis APIs out there. Mosaic Data Science stands apart because we provide custom model development and integration of sentiment analysis and information extraction into your enterprise application and environment to assure success and achievement of your ROI.