Predictive analytics and optimization are being applied all across the aggressive telecommunication enterprise. The supply chain is made more efficient and effective, marketing understands the customers better and targets more precisely, manufacturing sources the best materials to make longer lasting equipment, and engineering benefits from predictive maintenance.

For example, network optimization has become a staple in the telecommunications industry. Those who have adopted, giving their customers a better experience, thrive in today’s market, those who don’t fail. Optimizing a cellular network involves making many different key decisions. Backing these decisions with predictive analytics based on historical data analysis will only make your business that much stronger, lower your risk, and achieve better outcomes.


  • Segmented traffic analysis
  • Usage analytics
  • Performance analysis
  • Bandwidth analytics
  • Network tower and cell-site decision support  
  • Capacity planning analysis
  • Predictive network reliability   
  • Network topology optimization
  • Predictive maintenance for towers / cell-sites
  • Predictive weather impact modeling 

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales & retail channel analysis
  • Sales planning & forecasting
  • Marketing campaign score-carding
  • Portfolio allocation optimization
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Reseller / Retail location decision support
  • Social media analysis  

Customer Centric

  • Price-point / elasticity analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Customer journey / experience analysis
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Usage analytics
  • Cross-sell / up-sell optimization
  • Behavior modeling 

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